~Spank Me~ Suspenders

The suspenders are in! Let me know what you think! iHeartRaves Suspender High Waisted Rave Booty Shorts


Warm Thoughts

~It's getting warmer baby.~ ☀️🌻🔥🌈😍

Hot Tub Time

Bae is coming over and I've already prepared our setting. Hot tub is heating up, eucalyptus candle is burning, he gets half of my Heineken 6-pack, March Madness is playing on the patio, and on we gooooo. Bikini: Adome Women's High Waisted Push Up Bikini

Black on Black on Black

Clearly I have a particular affinity for color. Not just as an abstract concept but as something that I can heavily incorporate into my work—in this case my fashion. It is almost an over-saturation of color at times, a risky maneuver. At least I can confide in that Vincent van Gogh had the exact same... Continue Reading →

Spring Fashion

It's here, folks! The time of the year wherein the warm afternoons trick you into wearing a t-shirt and shorts outside, only to quickly freeze as soon as the sun sets. It's a good problem to endure, though, because that just means we get to change our outfit throughout the course of the day. I'm... Continue Reading →

St. Patty’s Day Outfit!

Sorry for overposting but I needed to also post my St. Patty's Day outfit! Saw Kyrie Irving—the best dribbler of all time—dominate on Saturday. And after the Celtics game, I had a blast at the parade!

My Favorite Thong

While I'm here I figured the outfit beneath my sporty look deserved a post too. I absolutely love this thong. I got a set of them for only $11.99 on Amazon—they look so cute up close, feel great, and keep everything in the front in place—so I highly recommend that you check them out. Bae... Continue Reading →

Sleeping in Salmon

Fashion is unpredictable. It exists not just through the object in which it is spatially materialized but also in the eyes of its subject. It exists in us. You just have to look. Going to sleep but I noticed that tonight's sleeping outfit has a splendid, salmon-ish color fluidity.

My First Dress

Sometimes I look at my life and feel trapped. But the pink dress I'm currently wearing as I type—along with some comfy panties, booty shorts, and a cute bra—doesn't make me feel trapped. I feel free.

Club Tonight

We had so much fun at the Vince Staples concert on Wednesday, so he and I are going to the gay club now tonight! (Cover photo is an edit.) -Shorts: Hybrid & Company Women's Comfy Stretch Twill Shorts ($17.99) -Pantyhose: Amandir Lace Mesh Women's Fishnet Stockings Pantyhose ($10.99/5 pair) -Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor 2 ($75)

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